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Pack News

After disappearance of Backster, Trance has followed in her mate's paw-steps and their scent is lost in the scent of the distant ocean air. Ambrosia has taken over the pack and is currently accepting newcomers.
♀ 1 & ♂ 2 → 3

Eternity's & Ocean's pups are nearly ready for their ceremonies being only 2 months old.
♀ 2 & ♂ 3 → 5

Tineson has taken over this territory. He is looking for rouges and loners to come and sniff out his pack to hopefully join.
♀ 0 & ♂ 1 → 1

A kahu is needed to keep this pack alive.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Vitaly is seeking some companionship, perhaps a pup will do.
♀ 0 & ♂ 1 → 1

Leoric is hoping new loners will seek her out to join her pack.
♀ 1 & ♂ 0 → 1

They are quiet as usual.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

They are watching over us carefully.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Loners are free and without a care in the world...well except for food and predators.
♀ 1 & ♂ 0 → 1

Being kicked from their pack, they may seek out a new pack. However other packs will be reluctant to accept such a wolf in their pack. Except for perhaps Crimson Hollows.
0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Pack Wolves → ♀ 4 & ♂ 7 = 11

Solitary Wolves → ♀ 1 & ♂ 0 = 1
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Pet's & Partners FAQ

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Pet's & Partners FAQ Empty Pet's & Partners FAQ

Post by Eternity on Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:57 pm

People may ask, "What's the difference between a 'Partner' and a 'Pet'?"

This is simple to explain, "Pet's" usually tend to be 'servants' of the owner. They also are most likely easy to become prey to a wolf. Ex: Rabbits, Hares, Rats, Fawns, Beavers, etc. However deer tend to be rarely kept as pets since their first instinct is to run and they also can have a hard time helping a wolf put armor on. They also can't help much in a battle unless it's a Buck however Caribou also have antlers. Pretty much deer would much rather stay away from a pack of wolves. So do the other pets, but they trust their "Protector" to defend, feed, and care for them. They can also be Raven's and Crows who tend to love wolves so they can easily be seen with wolves helping them our but not all would like to become the wolf's pet and leave their murder of crows (group of brows) or an unkindness of ravens(group if ravens). Pet's are more likely to accept you than "Partners" even more if you save their life. Such as if a fire came and the pet was trapped you might get it to start talking then(this will be explained later in history).

Partners are more of those bigger creatures some argue if a Deer is even a pet but more like a Partner. Partner's are large creators who have somehow accepted you. It's truly hard to get a Partner to start talking(will be explained later in history). They would much rather kill you then become a Partner. Ex; Cougar, Bear, Golden Eagle, Lynx, Panther, Ocelot, etc. Now some of these animals might not be big enough to kill you but if confined and/or you come after them them they will strike. So befriending one is difficult and will surprise many if you show up with a Partner. They would much rather be of help or use rather then be a pet, they can fed for themselves and protect themselves they merely stay around because they want to.

History and How Pet's & Partner's came to be.
A long time ago when man where no more and new breeds of wolves where barely emerging. One Dire female named Alastaja who was pregnant with pups from her dire mate. One day while she was out for a walk because she was tired of her mate being so protective of her. She stumbled upon a Raven tangled in a string, she figured it belonged to the humans. Alastaia had only seen one when she was a pup, because her mother died they helped her find a foster mom who took her in. Alastaja soon saw that the Raven was covered in sand and ants. Alastaja took petty on the young raven and bit the string off while having to deal with ant bites and the constant slapping of the Raven's wings and ever so often a peck. Once the Raven was free he flew off quickly but he hadn't got to far off the ground when he fell into the sand injuring one of his wings. The raven flapped frantically knowing that if he had broken his wing he would die. The bites of the ants where now driving him mad, quickly Alastaja walked over to the Raven who hopped away quickly. Alastaja chuckled with amusement and the Raven replied, "Do you think this is funny?" His voice was cold and Alastaja jumped back in surprised, never had she heard another animal speak before. After her shock wore off she replied in a chuckle, "Oh no. But I do think it's silly to refuse help." The Raven hopped closer toward her and showed her his wing. Alastaja walked closer and he hopped back, so she gave him a scolding look and he stopped and signed. She picked him up softly in her jaws and carried him over toward a pond. She put him down and smiled, "Let's get those ants off shall we?" The Raven nodded and and began to splash the water into his feathers with his one wing and with help from Alastaja. Soon later when the Raven was dry she asked him, "Ravens can talk?" The Raven began to laugh, "Of course, all animals can talk. We just choose to only talk with our own species." He replied and hopped onto Alastajai's shoulder when she was laying down and held on when she stood up. "Ow! Loosen your grip will ya?" She snapped and he did just that. "I'm Alastaja by the way." She told the Raven and he smiled, "Pretty name, you can call me Jay." The raven smiled. "Alright then, Jay, Nice to meet you." Alastaja said to the raven before heading back toward her den.

It is said that Alastaja and Jay where the first creatures to speak outside their own species. Jay even helped out the pack when Alastaja had her pups so that she and her pups would be well fed. He even told them about armor and that he had seen some Owls working with coal. Alastaja and Jay helped many wolves get pets and one day long after Alastaja and Jay died. One of her great great great grandpups had spoken to a Bear who had asked the wolf why he shouldn't kill him. Soon later they where partners and impressed everyone.

How can I get a pet or partner?

Well you have to buy one from the Shop, after which you will have to create a Rp thread in which I will play the pet or partner and determine if you get me or not. You also have to get the animal to talk to you, if they do not start a conversation then that one just isn't for you.

It is said that all animals can speak to one another they just don't know how or gotten a chance to yet. And when a different species replies it is said that they are meant to be friends. They may have once been friends in their old life and became separated.

Have any questions? Reply below or in a pm.

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