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• accepting newcomers. 
 open for beginners. 
• a work in progress. 
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Pack News

After disappearance of Backster, Trance has followed in her mate's paw-steps and their scent is lost in the scent of the distant ocean air. Ambrosia has taken over the pack and is currently accepting newcomers.
♀ 1 & ♂ 2 → 3

Eternity's & Ocean's pups are nearly ready for their ceremonies being only 2 months old.
♀ 2 & ♂ 3 → 5

Tineson has taken over this territory. He is looking for rouges and loners to come and sniff out his pack to hopefully join.
♀ 0 & ♂ 1 → 1

A kahu is needed to keep this pack alive.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Vitaly is seeking some companionship, perhaps a pup will do.
♀ 0 & ♂ 1 → 1

Leoric is hoping new loners will seek her out to join her pack.
♀ 1 & ♂ 0 → 1

They are quiet as usual.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

They are watching over us carefully.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Loners are free and without a care in the world...well except for food and predators.
♀ 1 & ♂ 0 → 1

Being kicked from their pack, they may seek out a new pack. However other packs will be reluctant to accept such a wolf in their pack. Except for perhaps Crimson Hollows.
0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Pack Wolves → ♀ 4 & ♂ 7 = 11

Solitary Wolves → ♀ 1 & ♂ 0 = 1
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Getting Started

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Getting Started Empty Getting Started

Post by Vitaly on Sat Oct 18, 2014 8:55 pm

Before becoming a member---*

1.) Check out the site make sure you read the rules before reading or responding to anything else.

2.) Read the joining code whether you read the rules fast or carefully. Fill out the information and if you think you are doing something wrong look at everyone else's or ask a staff member.

3.) Read some information on the site or/and history so you know what is going on or what happened when you have time too.

4.) Create an account.

Account Help---*
1.) On the profile just simply Editing things you can on there will make a fast way of other users getting to know you better and easier. Although you may base that info on your personal self or character such as location: choose an rp area in which you are currently at if you want to edit it every time you go somewhere, or just plainly put were your character is usually at.

2.) Adding a picture right after joining is kind of important especially if someone would like to rp with you and wants to know how you look or if someone was making a picture of you, they would like to know especially if you are going to be a staff member.

3.)  After you join or at least a couple of days after would be best to make a biographie, especially if you would like to role play with anyone. The reason for bios is mainly for us to know much about your characters.

4.)  After you are finally a member there are many things you can do, try to stay active and if you think someone has broken a rule don't be afraid to report it in the board or pm. If you think you are not sure its a part of the rules, go ahead and re-read it!! It will always be up there.

5.) If you would like to advertise or affiliate with us do not forget to read those rules, they are not much!

6.) Have fun and try to be friendly, especially to the new members help them and if you are a new member don't be afraid to ask a staff member if a member does not know. There should always be at least one question for a user we do not mind answering.

7.) Don't forget to check out my buzzfeed for fun there is probably something you would want to do on a bored day.

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