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Pack News

After disappearance of Backster, Trance has followed in her mate's paw-steps and their scent is lost in the scent of the distant ocean air. Ambrosia has taken over the pack and is currently accepting newcomers.
♀ 1 & ♂ 2 → 3

Eternity's & Ocean's pups are nearly ready for their ceremonies being only 2 months old.
♀ 2 & ♂ 3 → 5

Tineson has taken over this territory. He is looking for rouges and loners to come and sniff out his pack to hopefully join.
♀ 0 & ♂ 1 → 1

A kahu is needed to keep this pack alive.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Vitaly is seeking some companionship, perhaps a pup will do.
♀ 0 & ♂ 1 → 1

Leoric is hoping new loners will seek her out to join her pack.
♀ 1 & ♂ 0 → 1

They are quiet as usual.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

They are watching over us carefully.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Loners are free and without a care in the world...well except for food and predators.
♀ 1 & ♂ 0 → 1

Being kicked from their pack, they may seek out a new pack. However other packs will be reluctant to accept such a wolf in their pack. Except for perhaps Crimson Hollows.
0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Pack Wolves → ♀ 4 & ♂ 7 = 11

Solitary Wolves → ♀ 1 & ♂ 0 = 1
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w.i.p The Metals & Armor

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Post by Eternity on Fri Dec 04, 2015 4:41 am

Medals Simple & First Explanation:
The strongest metal can be found in the mountains of the Frozen Valley Wolves. Diamonds can be found here to make  amour or the strongest of all metals Sky Metal, which is only found in cold mountain tops or meteorites.

The weakest metal can be found in the rain forest. How ever weak it is it is not so weak as to break upon impact, remember these wolves are large and plump from all the food they eat. Amour is little use to them, however they do use it.

Shadow medal can be found in the Fading Whispers Pack.

REMEMBER metal can only be found by black-smiths, well other wolves can find it but most will think of it as merely rock. Even if they get it they will have no use for it, until a black-smith makes it into amour or Weapons.

Hello Guest, you must be either interested in metals/armor or becoming a Kowal, or you are a Kowal looking to extend your knowledge.

I'll first be going over all the names of the metals, advantages, disadvantages, where to find them, their availability, and how long and hard it is for each metal to be melted and molded. Followed by the same thing intended for armor.

I got most of the metals from a informative site so human objects are in there, I didn't edit it out because it will help you get a more better idea how to use it.

Types Of Metals
Shadow Metal

Sogen Metal

Sky Metal

An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals, or one metal and something that isn't a metal. They are mixed together so well you cannot tell that the alloy is not a pure metal. Alloys typically have very different properties to the components that went into making the alloys. Alloys are often much, much stronger than their individual components. Many tools and machines are made from alloys because they need to be strong.


Aluminium, also spelt aluminum, is the most common metal in the world, and the third most common element (after oxygen and silicon). It is durable and lightweight, and is a very important metal for making planes out of. Aluminium is highly reactive and you cannot find pure aluminium in the same way you can find pure gold or copper, so it was once considered a rare precious metal. It is a very energy intensive process to refine aluminium. Aluminium is used for building (particularly frames for doors and windows) and vehicle construction, household aluminium foil, masts on ships, walking sticks, and lots of household utensils and appliances.

Brass is a metal alloy made from copper and zinc. When it is polished, it is shiny and gold. It is cheap and is used in many places, for making musical instruments like bells and trumpets, for making buttons and zips, and for making shiny door handles.

Bronze is a dark metal made from an alloy of copper and tin. Bronze was one of the earliest and most useful metals discovered by mankind. It was harder than copper, stone or wood and could be made into weapons, containers and tools. Bronze is still widely used today to make statues, door handles and jewelry.

Chrome, or chromium, is a hard, very shiny metal that doesn't easily tarnish or corrode. It is most commonly used for plating things with a very thin coat of chrome to give them a decorative shiny finish.

Copper is a common, reddish-coloured metal that is used for electrical wiring, and mixed with other metals into alloys like brass and bronze. Copper is an extremely good conductor of electricity. Oxides of copper are blue and green, and have been used to colour paints and glaze pots for thousands of years.


Gold is a heavy, soft, yellow metal that is easy to work with. It is the softest metal, and is very dense, much denser than lead. Gold is very stable and is used to coat other more reactive metals to protect them, but its primary use is in jewelry. Pure gold is too soft to make jewelry out of, and is usually mixed with silver, copper and other metals.

Iron is a common, fairly soft metal that rusts easily. Iron is rarely used in its pure form, it is usually strengthened to make steel.

Lead is a soft metal that is usually dull grey. It is the heaviest stable metal. It has a relatively low melting point. Lead is used in batteries, bullets, solder, pewter and radiation shields. Lead is a heavy metal like mercury and can accumulate in the body and cause poisoning. Lead poisoning was common in ancient times.

Magnesium is a highly reactive metal that is not found in its pure form. It is quite common, and is essential for life. The pure metal burns bright white and is an ingredient in flares.


Mercury, also called quicksilver, is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. Mercury is a heavy metal and is very toxic. Mercury is used to dissolve gold in the process of gold mining, it was used in making felt, in older style thermometers, and in dental fillings.


Nickel is a common, reasonably corrosion-resistant metal that is widely used. It is a silver color with a slight hint of gold. Nickel is used to plate other metals, to make coins from, and as part of alloys such as stainless steel.

Pewter is a metal alloy made from around 85% tin, and the remainder being antimony, about 1% copper and 4 or more percent lead. It is commonly used for photo frames, vases and decorative mugs. Plates, bowls and cups were all made from pewter before glass and porcelain became more common. People of ancient cultures used to get lead poisoning partly from eating from pewter plates, and partly from using a lead compound to sweeten their wine.


Platinum is a corrosion-resistant precious metal. It is mainly used in jewelry, electronic components and laboratory equipment but it has other uses as varied as the automotive industry and dentistry.


Silver is a soft, shiny metal that can be polished to be highly reflective. It tarnishes easily, however. Silver is very conductive and today is used electrical components. Silver is widely used for making jewelry, and was used for making tableware like knives and fork. As pure silver is so soft, most practical items made from silver are made from an alloy of silver and another metal like copper.

Solder is an alloy of tin and lead. It has a low melting point, and is used to join small metal things together. Soldering is most often used to make circuit boards.

Steel is an alloy of iron and small amounts of carbon, chrome and other metals. Steel is much, much harder than iron and is much more useful for making things out of. Steel is used heavily in building construction, making land and sea vehicles of all kinds, and many household appliances. Some types of steel can still rust, but surgical and stainless steel are far less prone to rusting.

Something made from metal is tarnished if it has a layer of a dull, colored substance on it instead of being bright, shiny and reflective. Tarnish is a different color on different kinds of metal. silver tarnish is black and copper tarnish is green. Some metals do not tarnish, instead they rust, which can eat away all of the metal over time instead of just leaving a thin coating on the surface.

Tin is one of the metals known for the longest to man. It is one of the main components of bronze, which revolutionized civilization as bronze was harder and easier to work with than copper. Tin is smelted in a similar way to iron, by reducing it with coal. Tin is soft at room temperature and above but becomes brittle at low temperatures because it becomes crystalline as it cools. Tin is very stable and doesn't tarnish or rust like other metals. Today tin is used mainly as an alloy with other metals, and to coat other metals to stop them from rusting. Tin is used to line tin cans, which are actually made of steel.

Titanium is a dark silver metal. Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. It is also resistant to corrosion, even around salty water. It can be mixed with other metals to make extremely strong alloys.

Zinc is a hard, brittle metal. It is most commonly used mixed with other metals to make alloys like brass, and as a coating on other metals to stop them rusting. Zinc stops other metals rusting because when it is attached to another metal it will rust before that other metal does. The other metal will then start to rust when all the zinc is gone. Metal that is coated with zinc is called galvanized. If you look closely at galvanized metal you can see the zinc crystals.

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