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Pack News

After disappearance of Backster, Trance has followed in her mate's paw-steps and their scent is lost in the scent of the distant ocean air. Ambrosia has taken over the pack and is currently accepting newcomers.
♀ 1 & ♂ 2 → 3

Eternity's & Ocean's pups are nearly ready for their ceremonies being only 2 months old.
♀ 2 & ♂ 3 → 5

Tineson has taken over this territory. He is looking for rouges and loners to come and sniff out his pack to hopefully join.
♀ 0 & ♂ 1 → 1

A kahu is needed to keep this pack alive.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Vitaly is seeking some companionship, perhaps a pup will do.
♀ 0 & ♂ 1 → 1

Leoric is hoping new loners will seek her out to join her pack.
♀ 1 & ♂ 0 → 1

They are quiet as usual.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

They are watching over us carefully.
♀ 0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Loners are free and without a care in the world...well except for food and predators.
♀ 1 & ♂ 0 → 1

Being kicked from their pack, they may seek out a new pack. However other packs will be reluctant to accept such a wolf in their pack. Except for perhaps Crimson Hollows.
0 & ♂ 0 → 0

Pack Wolves → ♀ 4 & ♂ 7 = 11

Solitary Wolves → ♀ 1 & ♂ 0 = 1
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Plot & History

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Plot & History Empty Plot & History

Post by Eternity on Fri Oct 17, 2014 4:46 pm


A long time ago...we where called, "Savages", "Uncontrollable", and "Dangerous." 

    Humans tested us giving us powers hoping to use us in the military to fight against other people, some of us gained powers, elements, strength, and intelligence. While the others released back into the wild on an Island soon to be called "Wolf Island." This is where the test subjects where raised, abandoned,  and those who had powers, unusual eye color,  unusual coats, and many other traits which where passed to their off-spring. This was an easy way to not stress their future military.

    At an certain age the pups where taken from their parents those who tried to keep their pups where shot dead, those who attacked where shot dead, any resistance at all and you where dead.  They took them to another island much smaller than Wolf Island to give them training or to test them by giving them immunities, and trying to see if they could gain more powers or elements. 

    When wolves where first caught in the wild they would be taken to another island, on the wolf island chain to quarantine them before taking them to another island to use them to clone, give powers, immunity, and many other things. Some of the wolves became mutants and most where shot dead others somehow escaped. Having a mutant is very rare since you where either created into one, born one from the tests, or your mother or father has the chromosome that is mutated, either way you'd have the same mutation nothing different. 

    Although the tests have long been stopped and closed down because they could no longer fund the project. Some mutants still live and some of the original test subjects as well since some have a longer life span then the average wolf since they where given immunities.  

The Story-

Aumakuas Time

A Millennium ago humans faded from view, no one knew what had happened to them, some say war others say sickness, but in the end only the wolf remained. Aumakuas are our protectors and at times lovers, they transcend the earthly plane into a plane that we call the haven. The haven resides between our world and CandisLani (where our dead reside). This will be explained later, but for now newcomer listen to the story that will spans the ages.

The Aumakuas are a proud ageless race that lived among us for a time, thinking they were safe from the threats of the world after all they were immortal, nothing could bring them to their knees. Years past before any of them figured out what was happening to them. The Kahu named Aquirrle received a vision from a Kupuna, one that put fear in his belly. His race was slowly turning normal, growing old and dying no longer able to protect those that needed them. In the wake of this he gave a decree that would set in motion a events the would change the world as we knew it.

"From now on ‘Aumakua, can only go to the Wolf Lands for short periods of time. Any off-spring conceived will have to be abandoned in vision but not in thought or words. You may speak to your children through your mind alone, I know this may not seem fair. However I cannot have one of the ‘Aumakua ever turn normal, as our age is greater then any who walk the Wolf Lands. If you where to turn into one of your normal brethren you would die a horrid death, turning to dust. Just as we all came from, however the pain would be as if your fur coats where ripped off and thrown into the salty sea. This will not happen quickly so your death will be long and painful."

Aquirrle knew that by saying these words a wall formed between him and his dire mate as well as his pups. The wall was not concert or brick, but glass so he can always see them but never again could he go near them. However when his first litter died from a sudden snow storm. He felt his mate's pain and this alone brought them together again, the lust in their eyes soon resulted in another litter. Aquirrle knew he was turning wolf when he felt those first sharp pains, so he left his mate once more. This time never returning to her. Again misfortune befell this litter until only one remained. This pup was not meant to live, his son, Eternity, with this pup came a prophecy. One Aquirrle himself told to his son himself.

"Six packs will rule the frozen valley will be lead by the wolves of all shapes and structure Conflicts between the packs will result in blood shed, some of many innocent. War will rise, ready your self, prepare; the time will come when the planet tilt's upon it's fourth axis. This will not only be danger, creeping and nipping at your heals. Foam and death will bring you to your knees, the breaking point is near. Will you rise with the waves or fall with them?"

You would have thought with the leaving of the Aumakua's that the others left behind would form again into the once great pack. But alas it is not for the first part of the prophecy had been fulfilled. Wolves let their fear take over splitting them into four packs.

The Plot-
Everyone knows a war is coming, however since the packs are peaceful, and currently looking for new members. Since death has picked off members leaving even lesser wolves to their low numbered packs. Few have survived since the humans took most of us from Wolf Island and onto the smaller 18 islands. Even with this howls can still be heard and as breeding season creeps closer perhaps this will strengthen our numbers. More and more loners are being spotted swimming in the Dire Beach and back onto their birth or home island. It's been a few years since the death of Aquirrle  and a new leader has said to have taken over. The name is not yet given but threw the visions of the Kōkua will it be told. 

As more and more wolves join the tension will rise, as the Kahu will either try to stir up trouble or silence it. A twisted and in-twined tale will be played out and you might be apart of it. In two years a war is said to come, and when it does it will cause mistrust, liars,  selfishness, hatred, and many other things. Will you be apart of this tale or simply ride along? Even the loners can be apart of this exciting plot-line that will be slowly revealed threw role-play and plot-line hints.  

To view the current plot-line simply click here. (Not yet available)


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